A battery is a maker that stores chemical energy and converts it to electric energy.The chemistry reactions in a battery involve the flow of electrons from one product (electrode) come another, with an external circuit.Energy making use of an electrochemical oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction.The flow of electrons offers an electric current that have the right to be used to perform work.

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Convert electrical energy into Mechanical energy.It functions on Fleming's left-hand rule.


Convert Mechanical power into electric energy.


Convert Mechanical energy into electric energy.It functions on Fleming's right-hand rule.
Moving coil meterMeasuring a little electrical current or a role of the current by deflection the a moving coil.The deflection is a mechanically rotation derived from pressures resulting from the current.Example: Galvanometer.

Important Points

Fleming's right-hand dominance (generators): It reflects the direction the induced present when a conductor attached come a circuit move in a magnetic field. It can be used to recognize the direction of current in a generator's windings.The ignorance is pointed in the direction that the motion of the conductor family member to the magnetic field.The an initial finger is spicy in the direction of the magnetic field. (North come south).Then the second finger to represent the direction the the induced or generated existing within the conductor (from the terminal with lower electrical potential come the terminal with greater electric potential, as in a voltage source).

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Fleming's left-hand preeminence (electric motors): When current flows through a conducting wire, and an exterior magnetic ar is applied throughout that flow, the conducting wire experiences a pressure perpendicular both to that field and to the direction that the present flow (i.e. They are mutually perpendicular).The ignorance represents the direction the the Thrust on the conductor / movement of the Conductor.The Forefinger represents the direction of the Magnetic Field.The center finger to represent the direction of the Current.