Definition noun The meatus of the urethra where urine is excreted in both males and females, and also where semen is ejected in males Supplement The outside urethral orifice is the exterior opening (or meatus) of the urethra. That is whereby urine exit in both males and also females. In males, it is also where the semen is ejected throughout ejaculation. The male outside urethral orifice is located on the glans penis, at the tip, in ~ the junction through the ferenular delta. The is a vertical slit v two labia-like projections. In other males, the is quite rounded and also excessive skin removal throughout circumcision is one possible cause. The is a sensitive component in males. Epispadias, a congenital disorder, is a problem wherein the urethra ends in an opened on the dorsum the the penis. One more rare problem is the so-called hypospadias wherein the opened is uncovered on the underside that the penis. In females, the external urethral orifice is discovered in the vulval vestibule, in front of the vagina (female genitalia). It is about 2.5 cm behind the clitoris. It appears as a short, sagittal cleft. Synonym(s):

urinary meatus

See also:

urinary bladder

Last update on July 28th, 2021

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