UQ Holder chapter 138 Manga testimonial (There is no “UQ Holder,” just “Negima!”)

July 11th, 2017

ユーキューホルダー! 魔法先生 ネギま!2 Manga ReviewUQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima 2UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi! 2 chapter 138UQ Holder thing 138

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

Yue and Nodoka are depressed after being rejected through Negi-sensei. They shot to speculate on whom it is that Negi likes before giving right into the tears.

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Meanwhile Negi finds Chisame in the classroom. She it s okay the sense that he’s going to confess to her so she attempts to bail. Negi stops her, confesses, but is rejected by Chisame as she spells out every one of the factors this is a bad idea. She gets angry v him because that going come extremes, expresses her appreciation, climate walks out. Yet she feels a tad guilty and peeks ago in, whereby she find Negi crying.

Ayaka and several other girls in the class attack Chisame for rejecting Negi, especially since Chachamaru confirms the Chisame has feelings because that Negi. Ayaka virtually loses she mind, demanding Chisame marry Negi because they have requited feelings for each other. Asuna arrives, place an end to the cheerleaders and Yuuna attempting to seduce Negi, then flees through him in tow. Sanity restored, Chisame defines why she’s well if in five years Negi chooses who else.

Meanwhile, Negi doesn’t desire Asuna to leaving him. For this reason she make the efforts to comfort him together Paru speak Yue and Nodoka the they again have a chance.

Five year later, Negi, Kotaro, and also Fate are part of an strike group of warships going after ~ the Mage the the Beginning. An assault from MotB’s asteroid stops the fleet and forces the trio come a small asteroid. There they discover Natsumi in a an are suit. Kotaro stays with her while Fate and also Negi development on MotB, who has actually the type of Negi’s father Nagi.


And so v UQ Holder chapter 138, we obtain our very first UQ Holder story to no have any kind of UQ Holder characters in that (discounting the splash page). Funnily enough, ns didn’t miss out on ’em.

Nodoka and Yue

I love Nodoka and Yue as characters. I prefer their personality arcs in Negima, though i felt that Nodoka acquired screwed during the Magic world arc by not obtaining chapters committed to she arrival and also adventures through the endowment hunters. Yue fared better since we got to check out her to visit a magic school, occupational really hard to become a mage, and then be instrumental in helping loss a powerful hippogriff-dragon (or a hippogryph-dragon). Further, Yue and also Nodoka have been a an excellent team. As such, it does suck come see just how they were hurt, also though it is not expected.


That said, I think this offers us somewhat of an understanding right into why Yue and also Nodoka ongoing to be specialized to Negi for the remainder of your lives. Yes, they to be rejected. Yes, they to be heartbroken. However, Haruna is infamous for advertise those two along. That started with the idea that because Chisame rubbish Negi, Yue and also Nodoka still had actually a chance. And also like a many unrequited love, the one loved is the ideal person top top the planet, so much so that no one else have the right to compare. And also that’s kinda just how I see Yue and also Nodoka. Ns don’t typical that in a negative means either. They do a choice and decided they’d monitor Negi right into hell if needed. I can respect that.

Chisame’s Rejection

Chisame rejecting Negi wasn’t surprising to me. I’ve been slowly rereading Negima! over the last few months (and ns do average slowly), yet I should make a allude to pay fist to Negi’s visit to the “priest” (Misora) and also what she stated to him. The said, I have paid attention to whereby Negi verified Chisame attention before the Magic people arc. When Akamatsu-sensei did develop Negi together a fan of Chisame, the story unravelled in a means that walk not indicate a romantic attention on the part of Negi. If anything, Negi witnessed Chisame together a hikikomori girl, who required to be lugged out of she dorm room to interact with others.

Indeed, before the magic world arc, the manga is strongly setting up an Asuna x Negi ship. Asuna is Negi’s first partner. Asuna hates kids, yet she come to care for Negi a great deal. Not just that, but Asuna found herself attracted to Negi at times. Asuna to be tied for 2nd place in the love chart through a score of of 56: 13 (Friend/tomo) – 15 (Familiarity/oya) – 8 (Love/Desire/koi) – 12 (Pure Love/ai) – 8 (Lust/ero). By comparison, Chisame was reduced (at least in July 26, 2008) with a score the 35: 10 (Friend/tomo) – 2 (Familiarity/oya) – 8 (Love/Desire/koi) – 7 (Pure Love/ai) – 8 (Lust/ero).


I’m thinking that prior to the Magic human being arc, as soon as Akamatsu-sensei shifted the story native his initial design, among the things he changed was having the Asuna x Negi ship. So also though he forces Negi with Chisame after ~ separating Negi native Asuna, she i do not care Asuna’s replacement as an advisor. But ago in the day, I never ever saw Negi as being to crawl on her. The wasn’t until the end of Negima as soon as it ended up being 100% certain that Asuna was the end of the running. Yet even then, i wasn’t thinking “Chisame!” ns was thinking Eva, Chachamaru, Nodoka, or Yue (or a combination).

In that vein, i do uncover it funny that Akamatsu-sensei seems to identify that there to be no actual foreshadowing the Negi choose Chisame in Negima based on Chisame’s words in this chapter.

The Youkai Ayaka and also the Asylum Inmates

I recognize the antics of the normal trouble makers (plus Akira and also Ako for some reason) in regards to Negi troubles part fans, and I fully understand those feelings. For me, Ayaka and firm are acting in character, as created from early on. Outside the cheerleaders and the twins, the others had participated in the horrors of the occasions in the Magic World. The troublemakers have always been thus, so for me, the occasions of the Magic human being weren’t walk to change them. And they still are immature, young teens girls.

I will certainly admit that Ayaka’s reaction, where she walk “youkai” top top Chisame made me laugh. Here’s one ojousama who’s pure love for Negi is at an 18. (She scores 52 overall, despite I’ve felt she ero score of 5 was constantly too low.) therefore I construed her demanding the Chisame “reconsider” her rejection since having a requited (romantic) love through Negi is ultra rare. And Ayaka actually method it as soon as she claims that for Negi, she’s prepared to hit the whole world if needed. Yet I still uncovered her antics funny.


So while I have actually no trouble with the usual troublemakers giving Chisame issues, that is a small odd to have Akira (even if limited) and Ako acquire in top top things. Ako went therefore far regarding activate she pactio in addition to Makie and also Ayaka. Ako and also Akira had been slaves, so I deserve to understand them being an extremely attached to Negi, who conserved them. (And Ako dropped in love through Negi’s “Nagi” persona.) I’m simply not sure I agree with Ako going follow me on this nuttiness. But at the very least Akira wasn’t shown to do more than question whether Chisame had actually feelings for Negi or not.

Judge Asuna, aka: Asuna-oneesan

While Ayaka might be the official class president, that is Asuna that lays under the regulation on the various other girls. Her wrath was targeted at the cheerleaders and also Yuuna because that trying to seduce Negi. Yet she also spared Chisame from further harassment through Ayaka, Ku Fei, and also the others. And in law so, Asuna was able to reason the case to calm under by allowing Chisame to “get ago on her horse” as it were while Asuna fled v Negi.


It is things like this that always made me really favor Asuna as a character and hate it that she was placed on the shelf for many of the Magic people arc. To it is in honest, I’ve always liked the “Judge Asuna” element of Asuna’s character. Ns remember her saving Kaede and Setsuna on the Magic people (hope I obtained the names appropriate — that is late at night together I create this in between work issues).

Asuna ongoing her role of “oneesan” come Negi, i beg your pardon I believe was compelled on her approximately the time of the Magic world arc. On one hand, she comforts Negi, yet on the various other hand, she scolds him because that going to extremes (much as Chisame did). Here too, we get a glimpse as to why Asuna would leave Mars to help Negi.

Love at age 11

Negi’s confession and reaction to gift rejected do me pause and also think hard back to my very own life at period 11. Ns guess it was around that period that ns became much more aware of girls as girls. Boys and girls would “go together,” which greatly meant hanging the end together and also holding hands. A couple of of the most renowned boys were claimed to have currently had sex at this point. I was never sure if this was true earlier then, yet years later, I found there was a tradition of a an enig club of high institution girls who made it your mission come “educate” warm young boys. Therefore yeah, some folks had also started having sex at period 11.

Anyway, i recall the girl I favored at 11 moving away. I remember being an extremely sad about this, yet she kept her promise come write, for this reason we retained in touch for many years after. Ns remember gift sad as soon as I returned to the U.S. And planned to come watch her to discover that she was now in a serious relationship. I believe those events led me to where I to be now, for better or for worse. In that exact same light, I think that the Negi we see was forged from Chisame transforming him down, for far better or for worse.

Time Skip

I chosen that 5 years later, the is Negi, Kotaro, and also Fate top the assault on MotB’s basic of operations. I would have wanted to have seen a bit much more exploration of how Negi and agency came to uncover the ar of MotB, yet I assumption: v Akamatsu-sensei didn’t desire to garbage that countless chapters. ~ all, I suspect UQ Holder is on probation, for this reason Akamatsu-sensei needs to make sure that he can totally resolve all Negima plot subject (or at the very least the main ones because I suspect he’ll overlook Arika and Eva’s time with Ala Rubra).

I favored seeing cut return and lead the fleet in its futile attempt ~ above MotB’s asteroid.

I likewise loved see Natsumi component of the action. It was kinda difficult to follow, but it seems that Negi, Fate, and also Kotaro parked a ship like the Great Paru-sama on one asteroid near to MotB’s asteroid. It appears that there are others inside the ship because Negi request Kotaro to protect “Natsumi-san and the others.” So just how does Kotaro forget the Natsumi is around?


So following chapter, we must witness what happened between Nagi and Negi. I still desire to believe that Nagi isn’t in reality dead. Negi’s equipment to difficulties isn’t to death his opponents, but to defeat them and also then come to an arrangement. Ns guess I’ll discover out if that happens quickly enough.

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I want to apples to consistent readers for being so delay in gaining this testimonial of UQ Holder chapter 138. My work schedule and the lack of sleep the comes through it has actually made things rather difficult. When I have cost-free time, I try to write, but often sit and also stare. And also when ns take division from work, I have actually been playing the Fate/Grand Order game. Yet I am thankful to have actually a job, also if the does leave me exhausted.

I’m annoyed the Crunchyroll was two days so late on publication UQ Holder thing 138. The chapter is released on the 8 hours in Japan, which would be the 7th in the U.S. So assuming 09:00 Japan time to officially start marketing the chapter on the 8th, that would be 8pm ET on the 7th in the U.S. However we had actually to wait until 8pm ~ above the ninth in the U.S. Prior to Crunchyroll would post the chapter.