Bill Bellamy, his mam Kristen Bellamy, have managed to be with each other for over 20 years in an industry known for its countless divorces and breakups. Fulfill the beautiful mam of comedian and also actor invoice Bellamy. 

Social media and also tabloids space constantly inundated by reports around celebrities ending marriages or having relationships through their partners. It is coming to be increasingly rare for couples to be with each other for long periods the time.

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It is not uncommon for long-term relationships to exist, however it does no necessarily average they are rare. Bill Bellamy, comedian, and actor is famous for his now-famous expression “booty call, “His wife Kristen Bellamy Celebrities such as, have been together for countless years.


They were married ~ above June 16, 2001, and have 2 children. Their an initial child to be daughter Bailey Bellamy that was born in 2003 and their second is Baron Bellamy that was born July 5, 2006.

Kristen and Bill are happily married because that twenty years. But, it’s almost like they met simply a couple of months earlier and tho love each other. Learn more about Kristen, and how she contributed to she long-lasting marriage.



Bill is a comedian, however his wife is popular for her success in Hollywood. She 2014 appearances in “Film a Day” space what renders her famous. “Dinner at Tiffani’s, “The 2016 movie “The Bounce Back,” “The Fix, “Which to be released in 2019.


Not just is Kristen one actress, but she also owns a blog site and fashion shop where she sell kaftans. She describes herself on the website together a fashion-forward mommy of 2 children and also a wife to a celebrity husband.

Kristen shared how her hectic life motivated her desire to produce effortless and also quick dresses. Kristen produced a fashion heat for ladies that to be chic and beautiful.

Kristen stated that she vision is to empower women by empowering them through style and glamour.


Kristen and Bill have appeared on countless television shows. They to be featured ~ above the fourth series of “Black Love” ~ above OWN. Kristen common one that her many memorable lines on the show. Her link to Bill

“I read power really well, and so i was attracted to his energy. Ns didn’t recognize why due to the fact that the public persona<…>.”

The pair also spoke about how they met when she checked out audit a class. Kristen declared that at the moment she was concentrated on herself and also not interested in men.

She noticed bill was always late to class so she had Bill sit at the back. Kristen was additionally seated as an auditor. Kristen initially didn’t think there was a connection, but she recalled hearing the Bill always came late to class. “hi” to him. Bill stated that she was nervous when she spoke with him.


Kristen and also he made decision to make certain their children were exposed to all things, follow to the comedian.

Also, watch Bill revealed how he knew Kristen liked his father. ~ above Thanksgiving Day, he dubbed Kristen, but his mom answered the phone and shared just how Kristen could not avoid talking around him.

Last month Kristen and also Bill to be married. It was “Family Feud,” during which they contended with your daughter, Bailey, his sister-in-law, Bellamy, and best friend Lisa, against Vivica A. Fox and also her family.

Bill and his household were maybe to win $25,000 for their charity St. Judes Children’s study Hospital.


Kristen is clearly a household woman, as noticeable by she social media posts. She frequently shares photos reflecting her family’s sweet moments.

She common throwback image of her first Christmas together as a married couple last December. Then, they did not have kids and also decided to have actually a party, which she still thinks is one of the Best they ever before had.

Last Christmas, the proud mom, and wife shared a beautiful family portrait showing her, Bill, and also their kids posing in equivalent white tops, denim pants, and also white footwear.

She shared a photo of her and also Bill at the daughter’s high-school graduation in June. She described how they to be able to share your love. Celebrate Bailey’s graduation with those who have been with her on the journey.

Last month, she additionally shared snapshots from her family’s last brunch before Bailey left for college. She feelings of shock and also mad emotion when her daughter started a brand-new chapter in her life were explained by her loving mother. She said:

“I just want them all to be irresponsible and also inconvenient just a tiny longer under one roof because she is truly irreplaceable and irresistible ❤️❤️❤️even beauty is having actually separation anxiety”


Kristen can be a effective mom and career woman with the help of her husband that is additionally a cursed father and also husband. In a chat with essence in 2012, Bill opened up his thoughts ~ above fatherhood and also marriage

He claimed that Kristen and also he determined to make certain their youngsters were exposed to every things. He stated that communication and also a solid connection are vital to a happy marriage.

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Kudos invoice & Kristen for continuing to be together after year of functioning in an market that is well known for break up stories. They room sure to continue living in love and happiness.