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Subaru’s latest commercial is making ring on television and also online. Opportunities are you’ve seen this advertisement in current days which disclosure the 2017 Subaru Outback. The commercial, title “Boxcar,” stars a mrs who’s daydreaming around travelling ~ above a train across the country–despite actually riding in a Subaru through her husband.

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The charming key actress in the advertising has captured the attention of plenty of viewers. And also if you’re wondering who this red-haired actress speak the train is, her name is Megan Easton.

Up-and-coming actress Megan Easton, who stars in Subaru’s “Boxcar” commercial, has functioned for a variety of years in Hollywood, making appearances in brief films, TV shows, TV movies, and short films.


Megan Easton in Nike Women’s commercial

You might have likewise seen her in a Nike Women’s advertisement from last year referred to as “Spin Class,” in i beg your pardon she plays who attending a spin class in a gym who has to sit behind a heat of flawless-looking models.

Easton’s first main acting duty was in a sci-fi activity short from 2012. Since then, she has showed up in a variety of comedic and also dramatic brief films, and also roles in the TV films Petals ~ above the Wind, Heaven Is Now, Manson’s shed Girls, and Sorority Nightmare. She’s likewise made one-time appearances on the TV reflects Vegas and also CSI.

Megan’s charm and also beauty perfect fit the very nice one of Subaru, and hopefully we’ll check out her in many more Subaru commercials, movies, and also TV mirrors in the future.

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If girlfriend haven’t viewed her power in the Subaru commercial yet, take it a look:


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