A brand-new Amnesty international advertising campaign calling for the 8th Amendment come the constitutio...

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A brand-new Amnesty worldwide advertising campaign calling because that the 8 hours Amendment to the structure to be repealed has come in for considerable criticism because that being “anti-Catholic,” and because it is not what is supposed from “the male who voiced Aslan.”

Chains, i m sorry you deserve to watch below, was co-created by the advocacy group and also Fr Ted writer Graham Linehan, who, along with his wife Helen, made headlines earlier this week when the couple spoken openly around their history of abortion after ~ a infant they conceived to be diagnosed v a fatal-foetal abnormality.

The Linehans and Amnesty International, together with Liam Neeson in a narrating role, released the Chains refers in order come raise awareness of the cultivation movement to adjust Ireland’s abortion regulations in the lead as much as the basic election, intended to take location in the spring of 2016.


But the advert has actually come under fire indigenous a number of conservative American authors who appear to have a details grievance with Liam Neeson loan his voice to the campaign, together the actor formerly voiced the fictional lion Aslan in the feature film The Chronicles that Narnia – one adaptation of CS Lewis’ thinly-veiled allegory that the life the Jesus Christ in The Lion, the Witch, and also the Wardrobe.

“I intend this from elegance International, but not the male who voiced Aslan,” to write Matthew Archbold the the nationwide Catholic Register.

Describing the advert together wholly “anti-Catholic,” Archbold raises concerns around the future of Ireland and also a Europe the is relocating towards secularism.

“It is a sad society that attempts to demonize an school that preaches love at every turn and begs people to treat others as they would wish to it is in treated. I recognize they want to rotate their backs top top the Church and also march away. Yet the real inquiry is, what space they marching towards?”

Of Chains itself, Archbold does sell Liam Neeson’s delivery some praise:

“To be fair, the advertisement was a lot much more watchable 보다 Neeson"s taken 3. I hope this effort bombs as badly together that movie did.”

Over on LifeNews.Com, Dave Adrusko also describes Chains as being “anti-Catholic,” and also questions the spreading of Neeson as the narrator:

“The narrator is gibbs Liam Neeson, the voice that Aslan in the film variation of “The Chronicles the Narnia. (Aslan is generally interpreted to it is in a Christ-like figure, which makes the usage of Neeson even more tasteless.)"

“Besides championing abortion, the quick film contained anti-Catholic messaging,” the adds.

The 8th, also known as write-up 40.3.3, to be introduced into the irish constitution ~ above October 7th, 1983. It reads:

The State acknowledges the right to life that the unborn and, v due regard come the equal best to life that the mother, assures in its legislations to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its regulations to defend and vindicate the right.

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Labour, the junior party in the existing coalition, has pledged to encompass a referendum ~ above repealing the 8th as a priority the its programme for government if re-elected, as have Sinn Féin and also the social Democrats. Fine Gael and also Fianna Fáil remain divided on the issue.