Who sailed the golden Hind seek trade and settlement avenues Question 7 alternatives Francis Drake teacher Walter Raleigh Edmund Spenser wilhelm Shakespeare?

Answer experienced Verified sir Francis Drake sailed the gold Hind seek trade and also settlement opportunities.

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Did Francis Drake sail about the world?

The well known Voyage: The Circumnavigation that the World, 1577-1580. Drake was provided in his life because that one daring feat after another; his biggest was his circumnavigation the the earth, the an initial after Magellan’s. He cruised from Plymouth top top Dec. 13, 1577.

What bad things did sir Francis Drake do?

While he cruised with Sir man Hawkins, Drake would raid the african coast, steal cargoes of servants from Portuguese towns and also ships. The slaves, meanwhile, would certainly be sold to Spanish plantations in the new World.

Who to be the first person that circumnavigate the earth?

Ferdinand Magellan

How fast can friend circumnavigate the globe?

In 2017, trimaran IDEC 3 v sailors: Francis Joyon, Alex Pella, Clément Surtel, Gwénolé Gahinet, Sébastien Audigane and Bernard Stamm completes the fastest circumnavigation that the world ever; in 40 days, 23 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds.

What is faster jet in the world?

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

What is the fastest you deserve to fly approximately the world?

551 km/h

Who circumnavigated the globe?

Fernão de Magalhães

Who is the fastest human to sail approximately the world solitary handed?


Has anyone ever before sailed about the world?

The very first around the civilization sailing document for circumnavigation that the human being was Juan Sebastián Elcano and the staying members that Ferdinand Magellan’s crew who completed their journey in 1522. The first solo record was collection by Joshua Slocum in the Spray (1898).

Who was the very first Englishman to sail around the world?

Sir Francis Drake

How numerous ships did Drake return with?

English seaman Francis Drake returns to Plymouth, England, in the gold Hind, coming to be the first British navigator to sail the earth. On December 13, 1577, Drake collection out indigenous England with 5 ships top top a mission to raid Spanish holdings ~ above the Pacific coastline of the new World.

Did Francis Drake very own slaves?

2. He began his career together a slave trader. Drake checked out sea as a young man, but his very first major expeditions came in the 1560s, once he join a cousin named John Hawkins on some of Britain’s earliest slave trading voyages to West Africa.

Why was Drake executed?

On his trip to interfere with Spanish treasure fleets, Drake had several quarrels with his co-commander thomas Doughty and on 3 June 1578, accused that of witchcraft and charged him v mutiny and treason in a shipboard trial. Drake had actually Thomas Doughty add on 2 July 1578.

Was teacher Francis Drake a hero or villain?

While Drake is taken into consideration a hero in England, he is remembered together a pirate in Spain. He assaulted Spanish ships transferring treasures from their nests in southern America, and also raided Spanish and Portuguese port in the Atlantic Ocean.

Why to be Francis Drake important?

Sir Francis Drake is finest known because that circumnavigating planet (1577–80), preying on Spanish ships follow me the way. Later on he was attributed for his defense of England by raiding Spain’s harbour in ~ Cádiz in 1587 and also (according to plenty of sources) through disrupting the Spanish Armada in the English Channel v fire ships in 1588.

Why did sir Francis Drake attack the Spanish?

In 1567, Drake and his cousin john Hawkins cruised to Africa in stimulate to sign up with the fledgling servant trade. Once they sailed to new Spain to market their captives to inhabitants there (which was versus Spanish law) they to be trapped through a Spanish attack in the Mexican port of mountain Juan de Ulua.

When did sir Francis Drake assault the Spanish?


How many ships to be in the Spanish Armada?

130 ships

Who go Francis Drake marry?

Elizabeth Sydenhamm. 1585–1596

When go FRancis Drake die?

28 January 1596

Where walk FRancis Drake die?

Portobelo, Panama

What countries did FRancis Drake explore?

To with the Pacific, Drake became the first Englishman to navigate the Straits the Magellan. He took trip up the west coast of southern America, plundering Spanish ports. He continued north, hope to uncover a route throughout to the Atlantic, and sailed further up the west shore of America than any European.

How walk the English loss the Spanish Armada?

The Armada was challenging to strike because it sailed in a ‘crescent’ shape. When the Armada make the efforts to call the Spanish army, the English ships attacked fiercely. However, an essential reason why the English to be able to loss the Armada was that the wind go out the Spanish pearl northwards.

What did sir Francis Drake carry back?

Drake is frequently (incorrectly) credited for presenting the potato come England after his circumnavigation the the globe. However, that did go back to England v tobacco and potatoes on the conclusion the his 1586 voyage to America. Throughout this voyage he likewise rescued the failed homesteaders at Roanoke.

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Where did Francis Drake floor in California?

San Francisco

What was Francis Drake searching for on the Pacific coast?

In 1579, Francis Drake to be halfway throughout his circumnavigation and also sailed the end in the Pacific, then turned eastern seeking the Strait that Anián (a water i from the Pacific come the Atlantic, well-known in the turning back direction as the Northwest Passage), or for a place to repair his ships.