It never ever Rains in southern California, believe it or not, was created by an englishman in rainy London. I wouldn’t have pegged it as a number a hit in the U.S., whereby it struggle number 5 in 1972 top top the Billboard hot 100, however it would have been difficult to predict what England assumed of it. It turns out they didn’t treatment for it. The English don’t offer a whit around whether it rain in California. The course, they have to have detailed the contradiction in the lyrics: It never rains in southern California, yet girl, don’t they warn ya?… the pours.

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When I need You, A hit By Leo Sayer

Albert Hammond would possibly be much better known for creating the music for Leo Sayer’s “When I require You,” if songwriters were commonly remembered because that songs taped by other artists. The lyrics for the song, by the way, were created by Carole Bayer Sager, who additionally wrote “Groovy kind of Love,” among others. Hammon videotaped the song, originally, because that his 1976 album When I need You, and it was this recording that offered as the prototype for Sayer’s version. Listen to both below.

The waiting That i Breathe and also Creep through Radiohead

On the same album as “It never ever Rains” to be Hammonds “The waiting That i Breathe,” which was made a fight in 1974 by the Hollies and also was later covered by many others, consisting of Julio Iglesias, Hank Williams Jr., Olivia Newton-John, and also many others. The tune “Creep” by Radiohead was alleged by Hammond and co-writer Mike Hazlewood to have been plagiarized because of some that its melody being very comparable (the chord development is similar too). They sue in 1992 and also won, forcing a settlement. The similarity is unmistakable and while it constitutes just a part of the melody in Creep, this melody constitutes lot of the verse melody in The waiting That i Breathe.

To all the girls I’ve love Before, a struggle by Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias

Albert Hammond likewise wrote the music for the song “To every the girl I’ve love Before, v Hal David composing the lyrics. He tape-recorded the song in 1975 because that his 99 mile from L.A. album, however it was made famous virtually 10 years later by Julio Iglesias and also Willie Nelson.

Father that Strokes Member, Albert Hammond Jr.

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Albert Hammond likewise contributed to the people one member that The Strokes, Albert louis Hammond III, aka Jr., that was born in 1980. The is the band’s rhythm guitarist, elevator vocals, and sometime keyboardist.