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Micro-Organisms - Don"t Drink that Water!

Visit the PondScum video clip Gallery to watch AWESOME videos that microorganisms. Once you visit the site, look for these Protozoans and Algae videos:

Have you ever before looked at pond water under a microscope? If so, you have probably seen many different species of microorganisms. One common group of microorganisms is dubbed protists. The table listed below shows information about four common types of protists.

Using the info in the table, show a completed example of each organism. Once your illustrations are completed to compare them to actual images of each organism by pressing the links in the last row of the table.

Paramecium Euglena Amoeba Spirogyra (Algae)
Animal-like / plant-like A paramecium is animal-like due to the fact that it moves and also searches for its own food. The have characteristics of both plant and also animal. Occasionally they do food and also sometimes they don’t. An amoeba is animal-like since of its ability to move. The searches because that its own food. A spirogyra is plant-like because of the visibility of chlorophyll which permits it to do its very own food.

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Shape Elongated oval-shaped body Narrow oval-shaped body Irregular shame body Tube choose body
Movement Tiny hair prefer structures bordering the body called cilia One long and also short tail-like structure referred to as flagella They push and pull through their pseudopods or false feet. Free floating
Consumer / Producer They discover their very own food.


They can produce food with photosynthesis or consume food.

Either customer or Producer

They engulf food by bordering it and also pulling the in by the use of your pseudopodia.


They produce their very own food with the process of photosynthesis.


Color Pale translucent color Green since of chlorophll. Pale translucent color Green because of chlorophyll
Links come photographs and also line drawings Paramecium

Paramecium line Drawing


Euglena line Drawing


Amoeba heat Drawing


Spirogyra line Drawing


explain how the different types of appendages help protists move. Define the role of the green shade found in some protists.