Over a decade before ending up being the “CEO of The ache Business,” Bobby Lashley to be at the genesis of his rings career. His initial insignificant in WWE between 2005-2008 to be packed with amazing feuds and also many coherent matches, including one with the 45th president of The joined States.

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However, it nearly all came crashing down after a terrifying financial institution robbery derailed his amateur career. Had it no been for an Olympic gold medalist, he most likely never would certainly have found professional wrestling.

Bobby Lashley throughout his WWE debut ~ above SmackDown, September 23rd, 2005.

Bobby Lashley – The beforehand Years

As a 3-time nationwide Amateur wrestles Champion, a 4-time All-American, a 2-time equipped Services Champion, and also a 2002 silver medalist at the Military civilization Championships, Bobby Lashley to be on the quick track to success. That was till a terrifying freak accident took place.

In one interview through Corey graves on ~ The Bell, Bobby Lashley spoke about how he ended up being the victim that a bank robbery when depositing some cash.

“I walked into the bank,” Lashley recalled. “Now, very first off, prior to I walked into the bank, I saw three guys out there. I didn’t think something of it and got right into the line. As shortly as i did, not more than a minute after, there was this boom boom ideal away! I could see the tellers all screaming, and I dove down to the ground.”

According to Lashley, his life flashed prior to his eyes.

“When i hit the ground, there was a many pain. Ns didn’t know where it was coming from. I felt prefer my face was type of burning. Ns felt like my head hurt, my legs hurt, and I was just sitting under on the ground like holy crap, what’s going on? i was freaking out there because that a second. And also when I type of calm a small bit, i was like, ‘Oh my god, five my god!’ The whole thing the was going with my mind to be it’s not an alleged to finish like this.”

Throughout the horrific ordeal, he stayed calm and also composed, and he did no take any action that would placed his life in danger. Fortunately, he wasn’t hit by any kind of stray bullets. However, in a bid to defend himself throughout the shooting, the jumped to the ground hard, leaving himself with a knee injury that required surgery. This forced an unfortunate orgasm to his amateur wrestles career and Olympic dream.

The Olympic Champion Who inspired Bobby Lashley to become a professional Wrestler

In one interview provided three months after questioning for his relax from WWE in February 2008, my co-host and I spoke through Bobby Lashley on how he pertained to find professional wrestling.

“Kurt Angle to be the an initial person to type of discover me,” Lashley reveals. “He came under to the Olympic training center when i was under there training, and also he to be shooting a vignette or a promo because that WWE. Us talked a little bit, and he said, ‘Man, have you ever thought about the WWE?’ i was like, ‘I’m a huge fan of WWE, however right now, I’m really geared towards making this Olympic team and winning an Olympic title."”

Lashley continued, “We speak a tiny bit more, and also he said, ‘How long have actually you wrestled?’ i said, ‘About seventeen years."”

Angle then argued that he must be gaining paid for all of the work that that was placing in.

Not long later, Gerald Brisco gained in touch. This resulted in Lashley receiving a WWE tryout, and also soon later, a developmental contract. His drive, work-related ethic, and talent supposed his remain at OVW was just a quick one.

“I’ve excellent a lot of in mine life, even if it is it was amateur wrestling, college, or school, and I’ve constantly worked my means up come the top,” Lashley described to me in 2008. “I’ve always found stardom or success in whatever I did. Ns knew comes into skilled wrestling that i wasn’t walk to work out for being a lower-ranked guy. I had actually to make it to the top.”

Lashley continued, “In OVW, ns dreamt all the time of making the main-event match, gift in the spotlight and also being in the height position.”

Bobby Lashley WWE Debut

A point out on the SmackDown roster because that Bobby Lashley beckoned, and his introduction to WWE viewers took location on September 23rd, 2005, with a debut victory over Simon Dean.

Bobby Lashley during his WWE debut against Simon Dean in 2005. His white trunks and wrestling boots were plain; however, his physique to be a various matter. Carved out of rock by the wrestling gods, Lashley looked favor a beast, and also that unquestionably assisted him stand out from the load scrambling for your shot in the huge leagues.

Lashley would shortly again loss Simon Dean in much less than 2 minutes top top his pay-per-view debut in ~ No Mercy 2005. He looked imposing, albeit a tiny green roughly the gills, which to be forgivable considering his scant time invested within the business.

A steady build on the blue brand included high-profile appearances in 2005’s Survivor collection Raw vs. SmackDown removed bout, the 2006 imperial Rumble, a WrestleMania Money in the bank match, and also a significant feud through JBL. This all led to Bobby Lashley’s entrance right into the 2006 edition of WWE’s King that the Ring tournament — the first KOTR since Brock Lesnar to be crowned in 2002.

Wins over note Henry and also Finlay culminated in a final clash through Booker T at referee Day 2006. Return he would certainly lose as result of Finlay’s interference, working in a big match ~ above pay-per-view against a grizzled veteran was invaluable because that his job growth.

The King Booker gimmick to be born, and a prolonged feud v The King’s Court to be initiated once Lashley speared Booker v the throne during the King’s coronation.

His debut championship to be garnered in July 2006 once relieving Finlay the the United says Championship. That then came to be embroiled in a saga that saw several SmackDown superstars pulled, at really late notice, native the 2006 good American Bash pay-per-view.

It to be reported by WWE that “During his annual exam, Bobby Lashley was uncovered to have elevated enzymes of the liver; therefore, he is not cleared to wrestle until more evaluation.”

Bizarrely, good Khali and also Super crazy were additionally taken turn off the card with the exact same mysterious condition.

Fortunately, this setback didn’t avoid Bobby Lashley’s momentum, and also a rematch v King Booker for the human being Heavyweight Championship to be booked for October 2006’s No Mercy pay-per-view.

Batista and Finlay were added to the enhance in the main leading as much as the display amidst rumors that these additions were made to an increase lagging ticket and pay-per-view sales.

Bobby Lashley find His ar in ECW

Although he found himself in a lofty place of the main-event step on SmackDown, Bobby Lashley insisted a change of direction was needed to proceed moving forward. The relaunched variation of ECW would certainly be his desired new home.

“I actually requested to go there,” he told me in 2008. “I was on SmackDown, and also different points were walking on in ~ the time, and I requested to go there number of times till it was actually granted.”

Lashley continued, “There was a couple of different reasons; I’ll talk around the an ext positive reason why I want to go over there. Ns think Paul hello is fantastic person to be around, specifically in the wrestles business. He has actually a an excellent mind, a many of great insight, and also a many of an excellent ideas of what he want to do. I just wanted to go over there and do miscellaneous different. One more thing was obtaining the possibility to wrestle The huge Show.”

A program working against the knevish Paul hello at the top of the map was initialized, and a shot in ~ the ECW world Title in ~ the ill-fated December to Dismember pay-per-view loomed on the horizon. Not only that, yet the enhance was to be the inaugural extreme Elimination room match.

Big Show, rob Van Dam, Lashley, Test, Sabu (later replaced by Hardcore Holly because of backstage issues), and CM Punk would take component with the ‘extreme’ tagline relating come the reality that a weapon accompanied those superstars within each chamber.

Lashley gotten in at #5, in spite of Heyman’s goons’ not successful attempt to permanently lock him in the pod.

He would pin both Test and the champion going right into the event, The large Show. Bobby Lashley was the new ECW world Champion.

ECW Champion, Bobby Lashley.

He became the eventually doomed third WWE brand’s face but looked comfortable carrying one of the major straps right into 2007. He would protect his gold versus Test at the imperial Rumble, win by count-out, and versus Mr. Kennedy in ~ No means Out, shedding by disqualification. The strange booking seemed to make small sense considering Lashley was being groomed for an even bigger push within the company.

“The battle of the Billionaires”

That predicted push landed on WrestleMania 23. It was billed as the ‘Battle the the Billionaires’ and would pit to represent of the WWE chairman, Vince McMahon, versus a future U.S. Chairman in a Hair vs. Hair match.

Trump would certainly pick Lashley, that he accidentally described as “Lindsay” top top one chance on WWE TV, and also McMahon decided Umaga.

Stone Cold Steve Austin to be drafted to carry out the bout through yet much more star power as unique guest referee. It produced a buzz in ~ the world of celebrity and also garnered a vast amount that publicity.

Interference native Shane McMahon failed to incapacitate Lashley, who speared Umaga, ~ an Austin stunner, to victory the match.

As Lashley explained, trump card hilariously clotheslined McMahon external the ring during the match and seemed to enjoy his time at WrestleMania.

was in reality cool to job-related with. He was rather of a wrestling fan due to the fact that when he obtained in there, he was yes, really amped to obtain involved. He wanted to go the end there and fight a little an ext than he should have! any time you have a cross-promotion bringing someone outside of the wrestling service in, you know it’s going to be a great time, and I think that did yes, really well. He lugged a many publicity come our match. It to be a good time working through him. He to be a yes, really cool guy, also.”

Per the stipulation, McMahon had his head shave in the center of a WrestleMania ring, his creation. He to be “humiliated at the hand of Bobby Lashley,” as listed by Jim Ross ~ above commentary.

WWE chairman Vince McMahon has his head shave by Trump and Bobby Lashley after losing a gambling in the battle of the Billionaires in ~ WrestleMania ~ above April 1st, 2007 in Detroit, Michigan. Umaga to be representing McMahon in the complement when he lost to Bobby Lashley, that was representing Trump. Lashley again unpleasant the ceo at the post-WrestleMania version of Raw and Vince was desperate to get vengeance. The wheels because that a McMahon/Lashley feud had been collection in motion.

Bobby Lashley vs. Vince McMahon

Shockingly, revenge was offered when, much less than a month after having his hair and pride taken, Vince McMahon stole the ECW location after pinning champion Bobby Lashley in a 3-on-1 handicap enhance at Backlash, many thanks to Shane McMahon and also Umaga’s maybe assistance.

ECW Champion, Vince McMahon. The theme was repeated in contempt differing circumstances at referee Day 2007 when Lashley pinned Shane v ease come seemingly claim ago his title.

However, the chairman revealed climate that Lashley had indeed won the match, however alas not the title, because Lashley essential to pen the champion himself rather of Shane or Umaga physically.

Order was restored at the One Night stand pay-per-view together Lashley became a two-time champion by beating McMahon in what to be billed as a ‘street fight’ yet played the end in a suspiciously similar fashion to the two preceding handicap matches.

“I delighted in working v Vince,” Lashley noted. “Vince is an remarkable person, and I think I had actually a great time working v him, Shane, and Umaga. It was just a great time and a huge boost to my career. Ns didn’t realize how difficult he was (laughs), but he likes come go the end there and scrap.”

A carry to Monday Night Raw

Following that program’s conclusion, Bobby Lashley was drafted to Raw and was sadly stripped of his ECW strap. Nevertheless, his press didn’t cease, and also he was immediately placed right into the title picture on Monday Night Raw.

He would certainly unsuccessfully contend for the WWE title at 2007’s Vengeance pay-per-view in a five-pack difficulty against Randy Orton, Mick Foley, King Booker, and also John Cena. He was working through esteemed company.

On a next note, the ECW title was stripped turn off Lashley as result of be challenged by cm Punk and also Chris Benoit, a match that never manifested for shocking and well-documented reasons.

At the following pay-per-view, Bobby was again booked in the key event. This time he would challenge John Cena, one-on-one, because that the greatest prize in sports-entertainment at the an excellent American Bash.

The title enhance was being supported as among Cena’s most challenging to date, and it to be clear that Lashley was still being driven to the moon by top brass. Talk heads, including Mick Foley, Ric Flair, and stone Cold, speak in a pre-match parcel warning Cena the the challenge he might face challenging Lashley. It to be booked well v both superstars coming out of it claiming increased stock.

Bobby Lashley takes john Cena because that a ride in ~ 2007’s WWE good American Bash pay-per-view. Cena won after a top-rope ‘F U,’ and they shook hand post-match.

A Devasting Injury Derails Bobby Lashley’s Time in WWE complied with By His Departure

Bobby Lashley suffered a devasting take it rotator cuff in his match against John Cena and was written off television for the foreseeable future. He would not wrestle because that WWE again until 2018.

In a relocate that shook the agree wrestling community, Bobby Lashley asked because that his relax from WWE in February 2008. His wife Kristal Marshall had also been released the ahead October, when Lashley was on the shelf. We were unsure if his relax was mutual, requested, or forced, therefore we put this question to Lashley in 2008.

“I didn’t leaving WWE for selfish reasons or anything choose that,” the said. “There are all type of rumors floating approximately that ns left because I didn’t gain paid enough. Permit the speculation die. Ns left because… let’s simply say I want to pursue various other interests.”

Lashley continued, “I’m training because that MMA. I have a fight comes up in the direction of the finish of the summer, so that’s what I’m gearing towards. I think ns owe the wrestling fans at the very least one an ext run to go the end there. I’m type of increase in the air appropriate now, possibly TNA, yet definitely fighting (MMA), and also I’ll more than likely be act some more wrestling.”

The interview concluded v a point out of Michael Hayes, suspended simply days earlier for making illicit remarks about Mark Henry. It had actually been rumored that Lashley and Hayes had clashed and did not check out eye-to-eye.

“I’m in a great mood today, and I’d quite not talk about Michael Hayes at every if friend don’t mind? There room so plenty of other hopeful things the we could talk around versus bringing in any type of kind that negativity right into this interview. I don’t want to talk about him.”

It is unknown whether or no the relationship between Michael Hayes and also Bobby Lashley has been repaired.

Following his departure from WWE, Bobby Lashley went on to have 17 mixed martial arts bouts, winning 15 (6 by knockout, 6 through submission, and 3 by decision), through two accident (1 knockout, 1 by decision).

After a brief stint in AAA and two operation in TNA/Impact Wrestling, Lashley went back to WWE on the April 9, 2018 illustration of Raw, one night ~ WrestleMania 34.

After a few pursuits of the global Championship in 2018-19, he winner the Intercontinental Championship because that the first time in his career from Dean Ambrose in a triple threat complement involving Seth Rollins. It to be his first title power in WWE due to the fact that June 2007.

The ache Business, special Bobby Lashley, MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin. After an on-air connection storyline with Lana, Bobby Lashley has discovered his stride together MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin in the formidable faction, The ache Business.

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On a in march 1st, 2021 episode of Raw, Lashley would defeat The Miz in a lumberjack enhance to victory the WWE Championship for the very first time, coming to be only the 3rd African-American to win the WWE Championship.

We are excited to view where his career goes indigenous here!

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