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The Tennessee sink Authority: electrical power for All

Editor’s Note: This entry is composed of several various articles and also reports copied from the new Deal Network An ext information is accessible in the Source note at the end of the entry.

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Lorena Hickok, Jounalist

In 1933 take care of Hopkins, manager of the commonwealth Emergency Relief company (FERA), asked journalist Lorena Hickok to travel through the joined States and also report top top the state that the nation. Hickok was in the Tennessee Valley throughout June, 1934, and sent 2 reports to Hopkins recording her impression of the regional scene and the regional reaction to TVA.

 1. Letter from the Field: June 6, 1934

2. Letters from the Field: June 11, 1934

Hickok additionally sent a brief an individual note come Mrs. Roosevelt concerning TVA during the exact same period.

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letters from the Field: introduction – June 6, 1934

TVA and also the commonwealth Theatre project

In 1937 the commonwealth Theatre Project, an firm of the works Progress management (WPA) which had actually been produced to administer work because that unemployed actors and theater workers, produced the living Newspaper Power. The Living newspapers were dramatic productions about modern issues. Strength dramatized the history of the electric industry, and also Scene Fifteen displayed why many human being felt the Tennessee sink Authority was so necessary.

The Living newspapers were not merely “mouthpieces” for new Deal Programs. Their productions sometimes angered members that the Roosevelt Administration. Ethiopia. A living Newspaper about the invasion of that country by Italy, to be censored by the Administration. But Power clearly supported TVA’s objectives. As soon as Harry Hopkins, catalog of the WPA, saw Power he went backstage and congratulated the cast:

“I desire to tell you that this is a great show. It’s fast and funny, it provides you laugh and it renders you cry and also it provides you think–I don’t understand what more anyone can ask of a show. I desire this play and plays favor it done from one end of the nation to the other… now let’s acquire one point clear: you will certainly take a lot of criticism on this play. World will speak it’s propaganda. Well, i say what the it? If it’s propaganda to educate the customer who’s paying because that power, it’s around time someone had some propaganda because that him. The big power companies have actually spent millions on propaganda because that the utilities. It’s around time that the consumer had a mouthpiece. Ns say much more plays prefer Power and more power come you.”

Source: TVA: power for All,, new Deal Network, (April 23, 2014)