The JUNOs do the efforts to stop her, however as you'll see in this indigenous the Vaults clip...she didn't listen.

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The JUNOs make the efforts to prevent her, but as you'll see in this indigenous the Vaults clip...she didn't listen


It was 1982 and the JUNO producers were concerned. Led through singer Carole Pope, the underground band Rough trade — infamous for their blend that punk, R&B and also musical theatre laced through satire and also sexuality — were set to perform...and hopefully follow the rules.

Rough trade co-founder Kevan Staples reflects: "So below we space on the JUNOs. We don't have actually a record contract. We're gonna be seen by all of Canada. We did the rehearsal in the afternoon and also they were very specific about Carole no grabbing she crotch throughout the 'cream mine jeans' line."

Watch the clip:


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however how deserve to you intend a provocative tape to no provoke? Pope says: "What they to be gonna try and censor to be me grabbing mine crotch, which i didn't perform in rehearsal — and also then i did top top live TV."

While crotch grabbing on stage was collection to come to be a thing in pop, through Michael Jackson and also Madonna later on making the famous, Pope is proud to have shocked first. "I ordered my crotch, which I claim as mine. Madonna, sorry, Michael Jackson, I'm sorry. Ns did it first."

Going against the JUNOs' wishes was not only worth it for the thrill of the provocation, however the performance sped up the band's path to success. "The figure on the JUNOs got us a recording contract v True north Records," states Staples, "and we got to record all these crazy songs that we'd been composing for 10 years. It was a life-changing moment."

For Pope the moment reflects the ethos that the band. "We were just like, 'We're gonna press it and see how much we can go.' the was constantly us. Let's watch how much we deserve to go however kind of be cute and also satirical around it in ~ the very same time."

Check out much more of Rough trade from the archives in this week's episode of indigenous The Vaults: The youngsters are Alright, featuring stories of the younger generation making use of music together a force for change, also featuring remarkable footage and stories around The Who, James Taylor, Jefferson Airplane, Lorne Michaels and also more. Watch From the Vaults: The youngsters are Alright tonight at 9 p.m. Top top TV or currently the episode online.