GRANDVILLE — also for a veteran music artist such together Peter Furler, the still feels like starting over.

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Tickets: $18-$30, family members Christian and Kregel Parable locations, Wordshop in ~ Resurrection Life Church, 534-4923; the concert is a benefit for orphans v Healing hands Romania. Visit

Furler, co-founder and also longtime frontman of pop-rock band Newsboys, left the band two years ago. And also now he has actually released his an initial solo album.

“Yes, it feels favor that, but in a good way,” Furler, 44, stated on his method from Florida to a Texas concert. “People questioning what my expectations space for this album, and also I tell them they’ve already been met — anything after this is fine.”

Furler decided to leave Newsboys in 2009 in one orderly transition that witnessed he and follower Michael Tait appear at several mirrors together, including the unit Christian Music Festival in Muskegon.

The singer-songwriter, who will carry out Friday in ~ Resurrection Life Church, stated he would certainly never have left the band to simply launch a solo career. That actually had actually no idea what he would be doing.

“It was really time to let the ground rest creatively,” he said. “Newsboys to be a huge wheel, and also I might look at my calendar because that a year indigenous now and tell wherein I would be and also what I’d it is in doing.

He and his wife, Summer, offered or offered away numerous of your possessions and also moved indigenous Nashville to Florida.

But the artist to be approached by longtime collaborator Steve Taylor to occupational on a arsenal of song Taylor was placing together for an album. They nearly completed the project, yet Taylor stopped the initiative to work-related on a film.

“That left me still fired up to carry out some music,” Furler said. “So I began with a couple of songs I’d written, demoed lock up, and also now below I am.”

His brand-new album is “On Fire,” exit in June. The first single, “Reach,” is No. 5 on two nationwide Christian music charts.

There space worship-based melody (“Psalm 23”) amongst the mix, many of lock co-written through Taylor or much more recent partner Seth Mosely that the band Me In Motion.

The singer frequently uses Me In motion as his back-up band. And also Summer has joined the on stage playing keyboards.

Furler started Newsboys in his indigenous Australia in the 1980s, effectively moving come the says with the faith-based band that scored 2 dozen No. 1 Christian radio hits and sold more than 6 million units.

They likewise featured innovative live reflects with plenty of special effects, and also once headlined a show at van Andel Arena.

But now he’s in a new, much less flashy venture. He went to a Zeeland church last month because that a low-key “listening party” with fans to encourage “On Fire.”

“It’s funny, on some reflects I’m opening for artist who offered to open for Newsboys,” the said, noting the he still performs some Newsboys songs. “I don’t know how this record will do, yet I’m happy to be making music, and challenged myself to sing far better than ever and also write (songs) as great if not much better than before.”

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