Most the you understand probably know the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle DiddleThe cat and also the fiddle,The cow jumped over the moon.The tiny dog laughed,To watch such sport,And the dish ran away through the spoon.

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I always pondered an especially at the line ‘ The cow jumped end the moon’, thinking it was simply silly little nursery rhyme to pacify children who would certainly not desire to go to sleep. However in fact, over there there is a theory that ‘the cow jumped end the moon’ concerned the ancient Goddess Hathor and was most likely badly interpreted from ancient Greek texts and also put into a nursery rhyme. I recently visited Knossos, the birthplace of the Minoan civilization. For every one of you that have actually not heard much about this place, Knossos was the biggest Minoan imperial palace, positioned in Crete.

The Minoans to be the an initial major society in Europe ( 2700 come 1450 B.C.) to worship just one God. They left behind palaces, progressed pieces that pottery, an excellent jewelry and many unsolved mysteries. Below you have the right to see the throne room where ‘King Minos’ reigned in the royal residence that is famed for that Minotaur.


The Minoan had a lunisolar calendarThey were the an initial monotheist society and your god was a woman – similar to later Demeter – the mom Earth

I carried out a tourism at the renowned ruins and towards the end of the tourism I asked whereby was the well known labyrinth and also the guide answered – you room standing in the – it was the palace itself. It had so numerous rooms that international visitors experienced it together a labyrinth. My remaining concern of course to be – and where to be the Minotaur?

According to legend, Minos prayed toPoseidon to send that a snow-white bull together a authorize of support and also as giving to the Goddess. But Minos did no slaughter the bull however kept it rather alive. Therefore Poseidon punished that by making Minos’ mam Pasiphae fall in love v the bull and conceive an offspring called the Minotaur, fifty percent man – half bull.

The bull to be always really connected to the Minoan culture. There space still frescos maintained which display young athletes, male and also female, jump end a bull. Yet why would a bull jump end the moon?Babylonian calendar records exist that points come a very possible Minoan connection and suggest that the visibility of the lunisolar calendar and also solar and lunar phenomena were recorded an ext than a thousands years prior to the Babylonians and came indigenous the Minoans in Crete.

A rich and seafaring people such together the Minoans would certainly have had a calendar system of sorts and also would have traded through Egypt, the Phoenicians and Sumerians. Furthermore, King Minos was no one person, but a title, such as Ceasar or Pharoah. So there were numerous King Minos and also their time in office was restricted to one huge lunisolar cycle, lasting around 8 years. Then a brand-new King Minos would come right into office. The most likely explanation is the octagonal cycle the occurs every 8 years once Venus completes she cycle and returns in its original position in ~ the same suggest in the sky. Together no firm calendar documents survive we have the right to only speculate.

But that would entirely correspond with the techniques of various other cultures, consisting of the Mayans. They also used the Venus bike (when the course of Venus, the Earth and the sun align) together with the lunar phases to calculation the synodic duration of Venus (584 days). The ratio of the planet cycle to Venus is 8:5. Therefore 5 Venus years and also 8 planet years coincide, make this a marker when the skies resets to its initial position. This is quite far-ranging in a time once there were no other means of recording precise timings.

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So coming ago to the cow and also the moon. The Minotaur most most likely represented the prayer of the sun and the moon. The mother goddess = nature, stood for by the 8-year cycle where the Sun, the Earth and also Venus perfect aligned again – and also the Moon God (represented by a bull through 2 horns mirroring the Waxing and also the Waning Moon and the moon cycle). The monster Minotaur was most most likely a ritual entailing bulls and also sacrifices in the royal residence of Knossos. This was followed by sporting events, a type of blueprint the the later Olympic Games.

But why is the cow jumping end the moon and also not the other method round? The bull-jumping has definitely something to do with it. We recognize that the Minoans build their palaces to align v the solstices and also the winter solstice appears to have had a details significance, as it symbolized the rejuvenation of the sun.

The star Orion, ‘the bull the the sky’, is clearly shows in the northern Hemisphere in between November and February and rises end the crescent of the winter moons. Might that be the cow jumping end the moon?