I newly heard around the banana Sprite challenge, yet I didn’t know specifically what the was.

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So, i did some research, and also here’s what i found.

So, what is the banana sprite challenge exactly?

The banana sprite an obstacle is to view whether you can eat 2 bananas and also drink one of two people a deserve to or 33 oz (1 liter) that Sprite.

It’s an alleged to cause vomiting.

But, very few people actually vomit, and also when lock do, it’s just from drink too lot Sprite also fast.

I wondered even if it is it’s healthy and wanted to recognize if any type of foods combined with bananas cause extreme reactions.

Below, I’ll describe the comprehensive results of human being who have actually done the banana Sprite an obstacle and other amazing information around mixing bananas and also soda.

What happens once you eat a banana and drink a Sprite?


Some human being have a negative reaction to bananas and Sprite, and also it reasons them come vomit.

Others can complete the an obstacle without vomiting.

It counts on your unique body whether you will feel ailing after a banana sprite challenge.

There are about 10 videos of Youtube videos performing a banana Sprite challenge, and also only one or 2 of them vomited.

When lock did, lock induced vomiting v their finger or drank far an ext Sprite – over 60 oz (2 liters), and even then, they only vomited a little amount.

In my opinion, any type of liquid girlfriend drink that easily will make you vomit, even water.

And, if girlfriend stick to under a liter and also take your time, it’s simple to finish.

There is no time necessity to finish the challenge.

But, it’s method harder to carry out if you offer yourself less time. And also is wherein you can begin to it is in at hazard of vomiting.

If you do it on an empty stomach, then you’ll only vomit up the Sprite and banana, yet if you carry out it after you’ve eaten a big meal, then it’s a good idea to have a huge bowl nearby.

Carbonated drinks, in general, cause large chemical reactions.

As you might be aware, over there is a cool mentos trick.

This is whereby you include Mentos to a soda bottle, which reasons the soda come foam out the top.

If you narrow the height of the bottle making use of tape, the soda will explode the end the top and also go as high together a few meters.

Here’s a video of it:

Sprite and also bananas don’t reason a chemical reaction.

You don’t acquire a chemistry reaction once you put bananas in soda.

This way that the vomit isn’t resulted in by extreme foam production.

The vomit in experiments that human being did look favor water and banana chunks.

So, it continues to be a secret today why some world vomit after eating bananas and drinking a the majority of soda.

In my opinion, it’s due to the fact that they drink Sprite as well fast.

The only video clip I’ve viewed of a human vomiting native bananas and soda is a man who ate favor 20 bananas and 2 huge bottles of Sprite.

But, anyone who ate that amount the food would certainly throw up, nevertheless of even if it is it’s bananas and Sprite or not.

Based top top what I’ve seen, nearly no one starts to vomit native bananas and Sprite.

Therefore, it’s a simple challenge.

Most civilization can pass it.

But, over there are other harder challenges, particularly the cinnamon challenge.

The cinnamon difficulty – an extremely hard

A harder challenge is the cinnamon challenge.

This often goes wrong, whereby the person coughs out the cinnamon and needs a many water to wash it down.

In this experiment, girlfriend eat a entirety tablespoon that cinnamon.

Cinnamon has a powerful taste, and also very little of the is offered as a seasoning in food.

So, eating it in its entirety is really difficult.

If you shot eating it without coughing, or needing to spit it out, and drink a the majority of water, then you would certainly be a rare human being indeed.

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Can girlfriend eat a banana and drink soda?



There are various benchmarks because that the number of nutrients a human should have actually in their body and different level of chemicals in the body.

A qualified expert will compare her levels to the ideal levels for a healthy person at her age. In a blood test.

And recommend various diet transforms to bring your body right into balance.

Therefore, a banana a work will affect you differently depending on your distinctive body, and also to be absolutely sure, girlfriend will should take a blood test to measure the difference.

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Many human being mix bananas in a smoothie v milk and ice cream.

I deserve to attest that is quite good. Milk and bananas top top their very own are high in nutrients.

Eating them with each other as component of a well balanced diet in ~ this phase is perfectly fine.

Sliced bananas make a good topping top top muesli, cornflakes, and porridge bowls. And additionally go well v yogurt.

Green bananas are very similar to potatoes, and also when boiled, lock are really starchy and can be supplied to replace rice or potatoes.

They room salty and also savory.

I have never come throughout a food made of eco-friendly bananas and also milk.

But, someone could easily make it. The exact same rules use to eat yellow bananas and also green bananas v milk.

And provided you eat a differed diet, there room no reported risks of eating environment-friendly bananas and milk.

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The banana Sprite difficulty is where you shot to eat 2 bananas and a can of Sprite or a 33 oz (1 liter) that Sprite without vomiting.

It is fairly easy no to vomit, but it is hard to yes, really drink Sprite fast.

There is no chemistry reaction that occurs by mixing bananas with soda.

Unlike Mentos, i m sorry produces a large amount the foam.

There space no studies right into the result of drinking soda v bananas, so it is for sure to do at this stage.

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And if you are unsure about the adverse impacts of eating bananas with soda on her health, then it’s a good idea to obtain a health examine to see exactly how your nutrient levels change.