The dreaded bearded dragon black color beard is miscellaneous that countless owners don’t actually understand. It’s a authorize that miscellaneous is going on, however it can be daunting to figure out what it is!

In fact, some of the factors why black color beards occur in bearded dragon aren’t bad at all.

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But there’s a many misinformation and also fear that gets passed transparent the community, and also this is specifically true because that inexperienced owners. They check out on a forum that a black color beard method your beardie is toast and also they freak out!

So this is what we’re going come do:

This guide is going come cover every the most likely reasons why mustache dragon beards turn black. This will allow you come accurately diagnose the cause, and make adjustments if needed.

Table that ContentsCommon Reasons

Common Reasons

We’ve damaged this list right into eleven that the most common reasons for a mustache dragon black neck. Some of them room pretty harmless, and others are an ext concerning.

If this is something her beardie is walking through ideal now, usage this list as a beginning point to view what reasons are a possibility. You will do it likely have the ability to toss the end a number of them appropriate away, do your procedure of figuring out the cause a totality lot easier.

1. Castle Scared

One of the most noticeable reasons because that why a mustache dragon gets a black beard is fear (this could go hand in hand with puffing us up too). In the wild, this is designed come deter a potential risk from messing v them.

In captivity, pets bearded dragons will certainly still use the same tricks when they feeling scared. The only difference is that most of the time they’re no in any real danger!


You won’t check out this behavior prior to they reach at least fifty percent a year old. This is because they simply can’t mate anytime prior to then (they’re quiet growing).

If friend don’t have a male and female beardie then you won’t check out this behavior, so overcome it off the list if the isn’t the case! Also, make sure to look for the other indications of head bobbing or foot-stomping prior to you attribute the black beard to courtship behavior.

7. Territorial Feelings

This is something that you won’t check out unless you’re maintaining multiple beardies in the exact same enclosure, so this won’t use to friend if the isn’t the case.

However, if you space then the very possible that the plot of turning the beard black color is ar behavior. Masculine beardies will carry out this in the wild come signal the they’ve declared an area for themselves (it’s a really versatile sign).

In captivity, pet bearded dragons might do this if they’re crammed right into the very same enclosure or if 2 males are housed together (which is never a good idea). This is a sign that your plan for cohabitation is not going as planned and you have to rethink your strategy.

Beardies do really well top top their own which is why we always recommend that you prevent keeping more than one in the same enclosure.

8. They’re no Comfortable with You

Part the the procedure when it pertains to owning bearded dragons is getting them to feel comfortable v you. When you very first get castle they have no idea that you are, for this reason they’re obviously no going to trust you initially.

If girlfriend rush right into this and also start trying to handle or connect with them prior to they’re ready, it’s possible that they could turn their beard black. This method they’re nervous around you and also are make the efforts to get you to provide them part space.

This is why it’s always a great idea come ease into the process of communicating with your brand-new pet beardie. Offer them time to acquire used to their enclosure, climate start slowly increasing the lot of time you manage them.

Expert Tip: yes no perfect length of time for exactly how long it will certainly take your bearded dragon to gain comfortable with you. Constantly keep an eye on their body language and behavior to watch if you require to give them a break.

9. Brumation Is in ~ Work

Brumation is a natural process that moustache dragons go through. Even though that not important when in captivity, it’s still quite typical for them to brumate.

When a moustache dragon has actually finished this process it’s feasible that they could display a black color beard when their device is getting earlier up come speed. They simply spent a most time resting and also might not be too keen top top going back to their daily chores!

This isn’t something that will occur all the time. In fact, we would certainly actually to speak it’s not that common. However, it’s still a possibility that you should be aware of if her beardie has recently brumated.

10. Lock Lonely

This is a cause of black color beards in moustache dragons that not many owners understand about. In fact, most of the ones us tell this to are totally surprised!

But that true. A bearded dragon that’s feeling lonely or in require of part attention can decide to present it by turning their neck black.

This is a challenging cause to number out since it’s very situational and also easy to confuse with various other reasons on our list! Our ideal advice is to look at their recent task and usage your ideal judgment.

If you simply spent some time dealing with them, this is more than likely not the cause. However if they’ve been in their enclosure for most of the work without any type of attention, that could be the reason!

Expert Tip: If you mistake your “I’m scared” black color beard because that a “please host me” one, they’ll most likely let you know pretty conveniently with your body language and also behavior. In that case just location them back in your enclosure and also leave them alone.

11. Poor General Care

This is a catch-all ar for every one of the smaller sized miscellaneous causes that might an outcome in a mustache dragon transforming their moustache black.

A suboptimal diet, poor habitat setup, dirty environment, or poor lighting are all points that might upset your beardie. While the most common reasons are absolutely the ones provided previously, it would certainly be foolish to disregard the opportunity of various other causes.

If you find that something around your care setup is no sufficient, be honest with yourself and make the ideal fix. We truly think that keeping bearded dragons together pets is a constant learning experience and the only negative owners are the ones that refuse to do what’s best for their pet.

Wrapping Up

We hope the this guide has do you far better equipped to number out why her bearded dragon transforms their beard black.

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As you have the right to see, over there are numerous possibilities. However, many of them room pretty straightforward to check off the list.

As time go on you’ll become far better and far better at figuring the end why your beardie is doing this and what you must do next. It’s just one more puzzle to resolve in the fulfilling civilization of ownership!