Resident evil 7: Biohazard arrives today, January 24th, and with it, the first great and also terrifying video game of 2017. That serves together both a fresh breath for the series, and also a return to the horror roots the made the original game so compelling.

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Whether this is your very first romp with the Resident angry franchise, or you’re simply interested in finding out more, we’re below to gain you started.

What is Resident evil 7: Biohazard?

The textbook prize is the Resident angry 7: Biohazard (shorthand: RE7) is Capcom’s latest survival horror game in its an extremely long and also scary series. That specifically part of resident Evil’s main “numbered” entries, yet there are about two dozen games in the franchise overall which include a good number the remakes, spinoffs, and also so on.

Since the very first game launched in 1996, the series has readjusted quite a bit. The very first Resident Evil was hefty on the survival fear aspect; players were dumped into a zombie-infested mansion where they required to settle puzzles and also fight turn off the undead to escape. Offers were limited, including to the suspense of every encounter. As the series evolved, however, it started to ar a heavier emphasis on run-and-gun action. By Resident angry 6’s relax in 2012, the collection had come to be a bloated, multi-perspective story through quick-time occasions that require the player to quickly respond come on-screen switch prompts.

Resident evil 7, meanwhile, is Capcom’s return to much more traditional scares. The video game ditches the series long-used third-person watch for a first-person perspective and is hefty on creeping players out through a an effective sense of setup and sound.

What’s up v that name?

Biohazard is a “clue” to the game’s plot, and also a nod come the series’ surname in Japan, i m sorry is... Yeah, the Biohazard. (Western regions have always known the series as resident Evil.) Consequently, in Japan, this specific game is called Biohazard 7: residents Evil.


Okay, therefore what is the about?

I’ll preventive you too many spoilery details, but in the game you play together Ethan, a man trying to find his lacking wife, Mia. ~ watching a series of tapes that suggest Mia is alive, Ethan heads to Louisiana to find answers. His search takes him to a residence owned by the Baker family, and suffice come say, they’re not as well friendly.

How does that play?

Like I stated before, it’s a first-person game. The game is hefty on exploration, which means you’ll invest a the majority of time searching for clues and also solving puzzles in this creepy old house. There room villains you’ll need to fight for her survival with whatever means necessary, yet you’ll likewise spend a an excellent deal that time hiding and also plotting your following move. Or, much more likely, gathering your courage.

What carry out I should play it?

Resident angry 7 is available for playstations 4, Xbox One, and also Windows PC. If you have the PS4 version and also a solid stomach, girlfriend can also play it with the game stations VR headset.

Do I should play the other games first?

Nah. The video game technically takes ar after the occasions of Resident evil 6 and has ties come the as whole series, but RE7 is mainly standalone. If you’re really curious about what’s occurred in past games and who the overarching villains and also heroes are, friend could always just surf the franchise’s wiki pages. It’s a fun rabbit hole to loss into.


Okay but if ns did desire to play one of the various other games, whereby would ns start?

If you want to experience the very first game, the HD work again, please again is an easy way to go earlier in time without sacrificing every modern standard. If you’re up for beginning wherever, start at Resident angry 4, without a doubt. It’s much more action-thriller 보다 the early on games, yet with its same share of creeps. It’s also one the the most easily accessible for newbies and features the finest hero of the series, Leon S. Kennedy. There space so plenty of things to love around Leon (his hair, his jacket), but this video of his one-liners states it all. Like, sort of literally sometimes, for this reason if girlfriend care around spoilers probably don’t watch this video.

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It’s a pretty an excellent video, though.

What’s the resolve all those demos?

Ah yeah, so technically there room three Resident evil 7 demos, beginning with “Kitchen” at E3 2015. Kitchen was a tech demo for task Morpheus — the codename because that PlayStation VR — before Resident angry 7 had officially to be announced. In the demo, friend play together a bound character stuck in... A kitchen. It’s just a couple of minutes long and also let’s just say it ends poorly for everyone involved.

After the video game was finally revealed in ~ E3 2016, Capcom exit the “Beginning Hour” demo, and a third “Lantern” demo soon after. Lantern takes place through discovered footage tapes concerning Mia, but beginning Hour is expected to serve as a standalone experience from Resident angry 7, lot as Konami’s infamous P.T. demo was.

These demos did much more than market a look at Resident evil 7’s pat style, or even its VR experience. Castle drummed increase questions around the game’s mysteries while including a few strange ones of their own. Exactly how ‘bout that finger puzzle, eh?

One much more question. Walk this game have noþeles to carry out with the Resident angry movies?

Absolutely not. I don’t also know what the hell is walking on there.