to Puritans in 16th and also 17th century England, Catholicism represented idolatry, materialism and also excess in violation of God"s will. After ~ formally separating from the roman Catholic Church, the Puritans tho felt the Church the England had actually retained too many remnants the Catholicism and also needed to be reformed.

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The Puritans thought the Catholic Church"s method to knowledge was versus the native of God, and considered the Pope a false idol. Because that the Puritans, scripture was the only supreme spiritual authority. Your churches were explained as "congregational" – the is, the authority to select anyone who spoke or led the church resided v the common civilization of the church, not with a pope or a king. Puritans commonly chose energetic, educated young males to lead their churches fairly than those who had actually been officially ordained.

Despite the official break-up with the Catholic Church, the Church of England"s praise services adhered to the same patterns as Catholic masses, using numerous of the very same rituals and prayers. For the Puritans, this intended the Church of England had separated indigenous the roman inn Catholic Church in surname only. The Puritan solutions were plain, without elaborate ceremony. Emphasis was placed directly on learning and studying the Bible, quite than repetition and also rhetoric. Puritan preachers were much more like teachers: scholars who led lecture-like services rather than presiding end ritual.

The Church of England copied the ornate wealth of Catholic cathedrals, and its wealthy bishops lived choose kings. Because that the Puritans, however, the holy bible dictated christians live a simple, unadorned life free of materialism and debauchery. Accordingly, Puritan churches had no decoration and also services reflect simplicity and the centrality the the Bible. Organs and other musical tools were forbidden in the Puritan church, and also if hymns were sung, they to be sung by the congregation together a totality without accompaniment.

The Puritans" key disagreement v the Catholic Church, and also the Church of England, pertained to how civilization are saved. Puritans largely followed the teachings of john Calvin, who believed in predestination, the God had actually chosen in development a select couple of people for salvation. Puritans studied the Bible and led simple lives in the really hopes they were amongst those God had actually chosen.

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