i am wondering if mr Voldemort eats and drinks and does other mundane things once he is therefore inhuman due to his horcruxes.

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Is he favor an ordinary man in various other ways, through feelings the thirst and also hunger?



JKR said on Twitter he would not need to.In a Tweet, JKR said that she couldn’t really imagine the eating because it feels in ~ him, and also that she suspects he reached a suggest of inhumanity wherein he didn’t need food.


This has actually been addressed directly by JKR, despite it is no explicitly stated in the books. Solution based on specifically the message of the books is below.

He walk whilst in the rudimentary body.

When Voldemort remained in the rudimentary body, before he was revitalized to a proper body yet no much longer bodiless, the did indeed require feeding.

“Your devotion is nothing more than cowardice. You would not be here if girlfriend had almost everywhere else to go. How am ns to endure without you, when I need feeding every couple of hours? that is to milk Nagini?” - take care of Potter and also the Goblet that Fire, chapter 1 (The Riddle House)

In the rudimentary body, he to be fed on Nagini’s venom, not human food, however he explicitly declared that in ~ that suggest he required feeding.

If that did in his ‘real’ body is unclear.

Though it is never made clear in the books whether Voldemort actually essential food come survive, he is shown as still capable of eating after the has developed Horcruxes, but prior to being ripped indigenous his body at the Potters’ house. When he returns to hogwart to questioning Dumbledore for the Defense versus the Dark arts post, the had already created several Horcruxes and physically appeared much different.

“Voldemort had gotten in the room. His features were not those Harry had actually seen arise from the an excellent stone cauldron practically two years before; they were no as snakelike, the eyes were no yet scarlet, the challenge not yet masklike, and also yet he was no longer handsome Tom Riddle. That was as though his features had to be burned and blurred; they to be waxy and oddly distorted, and also the whites of the eyes now had a permanently bloody look, despite the college student were no yet the slits the Harry knew they would become.” - take care of Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince, chapter 20 (Lord Voldemort’s Request)

However, he speak Dumbledore he would certainly be glad because that a drink, though it is possible this was a lie.

“I to be glad girlfriend approve,’ stated Dumbledore, smiling. ‘May I offer you a drink?’

‘That would be welcome,’ said Voldemort. ‘I have come a long way.” - harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince, thing 20 (Lord Voldemort’s Request)

He does certainly drink some of the wine. So the is still possible for him to drink after that had produced Horcruxes, though it is no clear even if it is it is crucial for that to. Additionally, this does not prove even if it is Voldemort ate or was qualified of eat in his later on years, together he revolutionized further and also experimented more with Dark magic after that meeting with Dumbledore.

“Having handed Voldemort a goblet of wine and also poured one because that himself, he returned to the seat behind his desk.

‘So, Tom … come what perform I fan the pleasure?’

Voldemort did no answer at once, however merely sipped his wine.” - take care of Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter 20 (Lord Voldemort’s Request)

Whatever his need for food was before being ripped indigenous his body, it would be the exact same after he used the potion to regain his body together it had actually been right prior to he killed the Potters - he stated that the potion would certainly return him to his old body and strength.

“But i was willing to embrace mortal life again, prior to chasing immortal. I set my sights reduced … ns would clear up for my old body earlier again, and my old strength.

‘I knew that to accomplish this – the is one old piece of Dark Magic, the medicine that restored me tonight – ns would require three an effective ingredients.” - harry Potter and also the Goblet the Fire, thing 33 (The fatality Eaters)

Therefore, every little thing his require for food was prior to being ripped native his body, it would be the same after his human body was restored with the potion. However, it is never made clean whether he essential food to survive at either point. The Horcruxes themselves likely would not protect against the need for food - they just keep a little of soul protected somewhere external the body to tether the soul to earth.

“Well, you separation your soul, friend see,’ stated Slughorn, ‘and hide part of the in an object outside the body. Then, even if one’s human body is assaulted or destroyed, one can not die, for part of the soul continues to be earthbound and undamaged. But, of course, visibility in such a kind …” - take care of Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter 23 (Horcruxes)

However, producing Horcruxes might not it is in the only thing Voldemort go to make himself less fragile to death. He may have additionally took other measures to mitigate the possibility of dying. One of these steps may have been removed the need for food therefore he can not probably starve to death.

“I was ripped from my body, ns was much less than spirit, less than the meanest ghost … but still, i was alive. What i was, even I perform not know … I, who have actually gone more than anybody follow me the path that leads to immortality. You understand my score – to overcome death. And now, i was tested, and also it showed up that one or an ext of my experiment had operated … for I had not to be killed, despite the curse should have done it.” - harry Potter and also the Goblet that Fire, chapter 33 (The death Eaters)

As Dumbledore said, Voldemort would certainly hate gift dependent top top anything for his survival, i m sorry is why the did not produce a Philosopher’s rock and produced Horcruxes rather - he would not want to depend so heavily on the Elixir to maintain his life.

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“While the Elixir that Life walk indeed prolong life, it have to be drunk regularly, for every eternity, if the drinker is to preserve his immortality. Therefore, Voldemort would certainly be totally dependent on the Elixir, and if it ran out, or was contaminated, or if the rock was stolen, he would die simply like any kind of other man. Voldemort likes to operate alone, remember. I believe that he would certainly have uncovered the thought of being dependent, even on the Elixir, intolerable.” - bother Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, thing 23 (Horcruxes)

The same could be used to the require for food. If it is needed for survival, it must be had regularly for every eternity, and if he can not get any kind of he will certainly die. Voldemort would nearly certainly great to get rid of this dependence, and if together a point is possible, would certainly indeed have done so. Though the Horcruxes themselves perform not it seems to be ~ to prevent food being required for survival, that Voldemort go something else along his route to immortality to do it therefore he no much longer needed food come survive stays a distinct and plausible possibility.